Sunday, November 20, 2011

Professional Development in Pajamas!

Teachers and administrators alike are often frustrated by their lack of time for professional development. Sure, we have PD days, but that is never enough. There is a solution out there that I find charming, easy to use and full of good content - that is Simple K12.  Check out their Webinar page - there are some fabulous free webinars. I attended one of the "Day of Learning" webinars last week which included Gaga for Google and Flipping your Classroom with Khan Academy. I found these webinars full of information and very inspirational. 

They list the following top 7 reasons to use Simple K12 Professional Development:
  1. PDNPJ™ – Professional Development in Pajamas!
  2. Practical Knowledge From Experts and Peers
  3. Shared Resource
  4. New Material Added All The Time
  5. Easy Collaboration
  6. Printable Progress Reports
  7. Options for Multi-User licenses
But I think the number 1 reason to use Simple K12 is the easily navigated site that includes as much valuable FREE content as possible while offering a nominal charge for access to their full site.

After taking my "Day of Learning" I shared it with the other Administrators at our school. Now we are planning a pilot launch of SimpleK12 for our faculty. Really, you should check this out.

Special shout out to Kimberly Warrner, the Community Manager at . [Thanks for the introduction to a great day of training!]