Sunday, November 22, 2009

Video Conference and Immersion

We have just solidified the first Hebrew Immersion program at the Elementary School level. Our fifth grade students attend classes everyday with a teacher in Israel who is teaching them Hebrew. We use a SMART Board in the classroom as well as PowerPoint presentations from Israel. The teacher is conversant with the students as she implements oral and written exams as well as administers worksheets and extra help.

We supplied the teacher with a Wacom Tablet in Israel where we send completed tests via PDF from scans to her. She can grade the tests with comments, etc. and return them to the students via email through our Edline system.

Parents were impressed to see the teacher engaging the students in lively conversation and equally impressive is the degree of attention and interest displayed by the students.

Of course, this program has gone through much growth - this link provides you a view of our first week of class. When we first started this program - we moved the Polycom Viewstation VSX 7000 from room to room - now we use the Polycom HDX 9001 in a new Hebrew Immersion room we have designated along side a donated 48" television for SMART Board presentations and this is working magnificently.

I am thrilled to share this with you as we are very proud of this new program. A paperless classroom taught by 1 teacher in Israel to 5th grade students - very cool.