Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What Took You So Long?

I know it has been a while since I have updated this blog, but, in my defense I have been very busy. I initiated a laptop program, installed a wireless network, supervised the reconstruction of our network, and well in general took over a different Technology Department. It's been fun, but I think for it to be enriching to you let me share some of what I have learned.

First, when initiating a project, never take anything for granted. The wireless re-seller I hired was unreliable and made the project much more difficult than it had to be for us. The new reseller I put in place is FABULOUS. I can't say enough good stuff about Real Time Consultants, Inc. They have been supportive, smart, reliable, friendly and never, never, never late or underestimate their fees. In fact, sometimes, they overestimate so I can sigh in relief!

Second, teachers are the best! I have a great faculty at my school. They are inquisitive, interested, creative and willing to take a risk. When there is a new idea they are willing to nurture it until it becomes a reality (if possible). Okay? So with all these upbeat teachers and support work I neglected my blog. I promise to make up for it.

So what' hot? Well, recently we have been working on getting grant money to support a Voicethread project. Not familiar with Voicethreads? Let me take this opportunity to introduce you.
Voicethreads for Education

Voicethreads encourage students to use higher order thinking and share online on topics with their class. Visit the site and watch how students will blossom in your classroom.