Sunday, December 30, 2007

Attention Social Studies Teachers!

Even if you missed this year's Geography Awareness Week, you can still check out the great information available to you at "Geography in Action!"hosted by National Geographic. This year the focus was on Asia, last year Africa. So if your lesson plans include these continents, or you would like to add this to your repertoire, check it out.

On a personal note...My youngest son hates to read. At his school he is required (7th grade) to read a book a month and it is grueling to find something he is interested in reading. Over the course of his school career we have tried every basketball title on the AR list, he never finishes them. Recently, we found a 6th grade book that has only 36 was a hit. That was the criteria - the number of pages. So, the other day while doing research for one of the teachers in my school I came across an interview with Christopher Paul Curtis about his book, "Bud, not Buddy". My son watched the whole interview and asked me to take him to the library to get the book. Score one for technology!

So if you are having trouble engaging students about a book...or if you would like to further interest them in authors, please direct your attention to the Author presentation list at the Library of Congress', National Book Festival