Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gilda Radner used to do a bit on SNL where she would play "Roseanna Rosannadanna". The bit always started the same..."What's all this talk about.." one night it went like this:

"What's all this talk about eagle rights. I don't think eagles should be allowed to do stuff like sit on the bus next to me." "Roseanna", Chevy Chase would interrupt, "it's equal rights, not eagle rights!" She would abruptly reply, "Never mind".

I'd like to say, "What's all this talk about Web 2.0?"

Well, I think it is simply the best news to come to Educational Technology in a long time. Social Networks, blogs, wikis, podcasts... the methods of communication seem limitless. This year I am trying to focus on adding as much web 2.0 into my classes as possible. I have started by inviting several teachers at my school to participate in a "practice wiki"...check it out I call it Mrs. Fusco's WikiBoard